Piano Transport Service

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Piano movers usually cost between $300 and $600. The final cost of hiring experienced movers to transport your instrument is influenced by a number of factors, including:

Piano Style: The cost of moving a piano is affected by its size and weight. A standard upright piano, for example, is much lighter often take up less truck space, which is another aspect that affects the final price.

The Piano’s Age: Antique pianos have a distinct personality and tone. They’re lovely reminders of craftsmanship, but older examples need special attention and care. This, along with special crating, will raise the cost. Given the monetary and emotional value of these pianos, it’s well worth the effort to keep your prized possession in top shape.

Staircases: Okay, so navigating stairwells and multiple floors aren’t easy. It also entails keeping track of a variety of other logistics. If any of these steps are included in your piano move, expect to pay an additional fee. If you have any questions about pricing? Get in touch with us right away!

Services that are required: In some instances, particularly with grand pianos, your instrument will need to be disassembled, crated, and probably stored. There will be additional charges.

Moving Distance: The duration of your piano’s journey can have a significant impact on pricing. A long-distance trip, for example, would almost always be more expensive than a local trip. 

Piano Transport Services

A piano, weighing anywhere from 300 to 1400 pounds, necessitates a great deal of strength and finesse to move safely and securely. You might try doing it yourself, but the chance of piano damage or bodily injury isn’t worth the risk. Buzzmoving.com makes finding the right people to fit your needs and budget a breeze – all without breaking a sweat or straining your back!

Disassembly of a Piano

You may need a disassembly service, depending on your piano. This extra service is usually reserved for grand pianos, which require professional removal, wrapping, and transportation of objects such as legs, piano lids, lyres, and more. In most cases, uprights don’t need this extra step.

Equipment for Moving Pianos

You may, once again, relocate your piano on your own. It is, however, not worth the risk without the proper equipment and experience. Our thoroughly vetted, insured, and experienced piano experts make it look easy! You can exhale a sigh of relief thanks to the use of advanced piano dollies and other tools.

Storage for pianos

Pianos are delicate and temperamental instruments that necessitate a precise temperature and humidity balance. Buzzmoving.com is the place to go when you need a dependable storage solution. We specialize in providing climate-controlled storage solutions to our customers. Plus, working with a single company for all of your moving and storage needs simplifies and reduces costs!


Local Piano Transport

Don’t be fooled by it. A local relocation can be just as risky as a long-distance transfer. Narrow stairwells, winding hallways, and anything in between can pose difficulties. If you need your piano transported to a new church, concert venue, or multi-story house, our piano moving partners much minimize the risk of any problems occurring during the safe delivery of your prized possession.

Piano Transport Over Long Distances

Are you considering cross-country or interstate travel soon? It’s essential to find a company you can completely trust with your piano. This form of relocation has two significant steps: safe transportation and a secure move-in phase, all of which must be completed with precision. Buzzmoving.com removes the guesswork from finding a reputable piano moving company. Get in touch with us right away!

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